Self Recording Service Options - $30 ~ $75/hr
Record: Live Drums, Overdubs, your whole band.
    Interview your guests, stream your blog in a great setting.
    * This offer includes some mics and cables or bring your own.

Record Yourself 

     with your own recorder or laptop & interface: $30/hr
Record using your Engineer 

     use your own laptop & interface: $35/hr
Record using your own Engineer

     use our interface/ your laptop ~ $45/hr 
Use our Very Experienced Engineer
    *Protools 12 / Our Macbook Pro, high end record mics.
    ~Record) $75/hr. ~Mix $50/hr

   *Our engineer has recorded Alan Vega, Henry Rollins, Galaxy 500,

     Noah Hawley, Bernard Purdie, Assisted on David Bowie sessions ....and many others
*Receive your files on our complementary 16gb flash drive.


     Hassle Free Rehearsal Services:

    We offer fully equipped rooms comfortable for 6 persons.
     Clean, private, safe, w/A/C, and soundproofed -no bleed.

     Each rehearsal room:
     - 3 guitar amps: Fender Twin, Roland Jazz, Marshall
     - 1bass amp: Peavey TNT, TKO75, or TKO65.
     - Pearl or Rogers Drums: Rack Toms, Floor & Bass Drum,
     - Sabian, Zildjian Cymbals: 1 or 2 crash, Ride, Hi-hats, Modern

     - Peavey PA, 3 Shure SM58 mic's or other.

 Reasonable Rehearsal Rates: $15, $20, $25, $30 

     Friendly, Respectful Service.
     Free Complimentary Lollipops and Individual Ear Plugs.

     Rehearsal time slots are flexible. Rates are based on:
     • the day of the week • the number of hours
     • start time • the number of persons.

     So when you email or text to book time please include

​     this information.

M a k e  G r e a t  M u s i c!



In the East Village

on 2nd Ave. & East 5th Street NYC

Low Cost Live Music Rehearsal

$15 -$30/hr 

Free Rehearsal Time

with Pre-Paid Recording Package

    20 hrs of Recording time

@$50 with Free Rehearsal time
Budget Self-Service Recording

    Record Yourself:

use your equipment, and your engineer

or our interface and engineer

Green Screen Video Services 

& Self Service use.

    Price per project complexity $50-$125/hr.

Professional Audio Video Recording/Editing

• Vintage Audio Format to Digital Conversion

  • by appointment