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Terms & prices are subject to change without notice.

   Studio Policy:

   ✅There is a 3 day cancel or change notice required.
   Example: if you book time for a Thurs, then the
   cancel or change day is Monday.

   ⚠️If you cancel or change before a specified
   date, with a 3 day notice, your payment 
   becomes a credit for future use. No refund.
   ⚠️If you cancel or change without a 3 day
   notice, you lose your payment or deposit.
   Example: if you book for a Thurs, then cancel
   on Tues or Wed, or Thurs, you loose your
   ⚠️⚠️If you book time less than 3 days ahead
   of session date and you pay then change
   or cancel at the last minute, you lose
   your deposit or payment.
   Example: if you book time on a Sat,
   or Sun, for Monday at 7pm and you
   pay, but cancel on Sat, Sunday, or Monday,
   you lose your payment.

So be sure that you will be able to keep

your appointment date and that everyone

is on board before booking time.

   For less than 3 day cancellations, we
   are rarely able to book the time to
   someone else, at the last minute, so
   our cancellation policy is strict.

   However, we do try to work
   with  last minute changes or
   cancellations on a per person,
   per situation basis.

We really want to see a win win result.

Studio Policy:

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